Empowering young women through skills development is key to advancing gender equality, eradicating poverty, and fostering inclusive economic growth. Let’s invest in their potential today for a brighter, more equitable tomorrow! With rising numbers of single, uneducated, jobless mothers, it’s imperative for governments and partners to prioritize skills development for a sustainable future for Ugandans and their families.

Women Economic & Social Rights Development is committed to empowering women at grassroot level, cultivating Progress and unleashing the potential of women in agribusiness for economic empowerment and transformation. Even as we explore ways to expand women’s opportunities, it is equally important to focus on building women’s resilience. If women are constantly worried about falling back into poverty, it can be difficult for them to seize opportunities.

Investing in women is good for families, communities, and economies and pays dividends in terms of inclusive economic growth and human capital.

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