The 21 Teenage Mothers in Kayunga didn’t only Graduate but also received start up kits to enable them start on the Journey of Transformation and Community Service:
Its a Reminder that Pregnancy should never stop any Girl from realizing their full potential: Everyone needs a second chance because its never too late to re-write your story.

We are celebrating the resilience of these incredible young mothers that have not given up on their dreams. Giving birth should never mean end of education for young girls. Our members Assorted Trends Africa are transforming lives of young mothers through skilling of all forms. The #SheInnovates program is transforming lives and empowering rural women in craft making skills and tailoring. These women are now economically empowered and can take care of their basic needs.

Teenage pregnancy increases the vulnerability of adolescent girls and young women, who consequently need assistance to help break the cycle of poverty. Financial constraints are at times faced by teenage mothers, for they in most cases don’t have jobs yet they have responsibilities to care for themselves and their babies.

The graduation ceremony wasn’t just a symbolic achievement; it marked a practical beginning a journey to realize their full potential as they received start-up kits to enable them get started.  Empowered with knowledge and tools, they are determined to work and break the cycle of poverty and vulnerabilities as they reclaim their dreams and build a future filled with promise and dignity.

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