Through our Partners, we teach girls to exercise the power of their voice through programs grounded in social emotional learning. We provide programs for girls, workshops for families, and professional development training for teachers.

Girls Leadership gives girls the opportunity to take part in decision making and builds their self-esteem and confidence. We also identify Champions that carry forward our message of Child Protection in different communities.

Our programs run across the country to tear down the barriers preventing girls from getting an education and limiting them from realizing their full potential. We are working directly to end child marriage and other forms of violence against girls, and to change communities’ perceptions about what girls are capable of achieving.

A number of our programmes have proved to be such a success that they have grown and are still improving girls’ lives, such as Girls Take Action and Champions of Change initiatives.

Girls Take Action campaign demanding power, freedom and representation for girls and young women in decision making processes.

Nothing for Young People without Young People.

It’s about ensuring every girl and young woman has power over her own life and can shape the world around her. A world free from discrimination, harassment and violence.

Imagine a world where you see and hear girls equally in the corridors of power, at decision-making tables, in boardrooms, taking Leadership Positions.

Imagine a world that values every girl, and where all girls value themselves. 

This campaign seeks to support of girls’ power, voice, participation and leadership in Uganda. 

The girls’ rights movement is changing our world but girls can’t achieve equality alone, they need allies. They need you. They need Me.

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