The onset of menstruation means a new phase – and new vulnerabilities – in the lives of adolescents. Yet, many adolescent girls face stigma, harassment and social exclusion during menstruation.

It’s time to amplify the voices that challenge societal norms that limit young girls from realizing their dreams. Our member Amity for Humanity Uganda is transforming generations and rebuilding the nation through community initiatives that emphasize good menstrual health practices. By sharing stories and experiences they are breaking down the barriers surrounding menstruation. 

Gender inequality, discriminatory social norms, cultural taboos, poverty and lack of basic services like toilets and sanitary products can all cause menstrual health and hygiene needs to go unmet.

Menstrual health and hygiene interventions can help overcome these obstacles. Not only do they fulfil the unmet demand for menstrual hygiene products; they also protect dignity, build confidence, and strengthen sexual and reproductive health, particularly among adolescents. By strengthening and building Girls’ confidence and self-esteem, negotiation skills, menstrual health and hygiene programs can help adolescent girls to menstruate with dignity and respect. 

Together we can create a world where all women and girls feel proud of who they are. Together we can transform generations.

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