Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) are fundamental to health and well-being, gender equality, democracy, peace and security, and sustainable development. SRHR is grounded in the right and the ability of all individuals to decide over their own bodies, and to live healthy and productive lives

Adolescents who become pregnant are likely to have lower educational attainments, in part due to policies in some countries permitting or mandating expulsion of pregnant students. Despite some recent policies aimed at keeping pregnant girls at school, in practice few girls continue with their schooling during their pregnancies due to stigma, bullying and discrimination. Likewise, sexual abuse has wide-ranging negative consequences on the individuals involved. In addition to its harmful effects on the well-being, psychological and intellectual development of girls who were subjected to it, sexual abuse also has consequences on their education.

Our Members Youth Chaperon Uganda is empowering adolescent girls in schools with information on SRHR and how they can report cases of sexual abuse and exploitation with authorities. They are also sensitizing them about bodily autonomy and menstrual health matters which can help to break stigma and hence improve school retention for girls.

Education is the greatest investment. Make it Count for all Girls:

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