Information is Power: Education is Wisdom:

Our Partners Assorted Trends Africa located in Kayunga District is empowering young girls with information on menstruation so that they can appreciate it and cope with the different challenges that come with it. This is helping to break all the stigma that surrounds menstruation and provide opportunities for Girls to thrive and achieve their full potential.

Menstrual stigma can be a significant barrier to girls’ education in many communities, leading to missed school days, decreased academic performance, and even dropout

“A year ago I published #MyMagicBox a book dedicated to Menstrual Hygiene Management. My interactions with rural girls made me realize that many don’t have adequate information when it comes to Period Management” Nsubuga Kigongo the Team Leader Assorted Trends Africa

The organization has introduced reading sessions within schools and this is helping to shape conversations around the subject as they unpack body changes and issues around Puberty among adolescents. 

There is urgent need to make menstrual health and hygiene a normal conversation in order to Improve the dignity, health and wellbeing of girls and young women through menstrual equity.

Together we can end Menstrual Stigma and create countless opportunities for young girls to stay in school and complete their education while menstruating with dignity.

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